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      Tribal Yoga at Home

      Take our classes anywhere outside the studio with an exciting Member benefit, Tribal Yoga at Home. This feature uses Xstreaming Fitness program to record weekly classes and allow you to practice from anywhere. This is especially helpful when traveling, or in any other case where you can’t make it to the studio. Tribal Yoga at Home gives you online access to your favorite classes, right in the comfort of your own home or anywhere you have internet access.

      Tribal Yoga at Home is only accessible upon purchasing our Unlimted Monthly Membership. Once added as a new member, you will receive an email link to guide you step by step on setting up your personal online portal. Class videos are posted within 24 hours of being recorded and you are free to watch them as your time permits. Members are given 6 credits to use each month. Class videos under 70 minutes long count as 1 credit and videos more than 70 minutes long are 1.5 credits. Credits renew at the beginning of each month and do not roll over month to month. Your online portal is deactivated immediately upon a member’s request to cancel.

      All new students are asked to sign a video release along with the required participation waiver. Anyone who chooses not to sign the video release is not permitted to attend recorded classes and will not have access to an Xstreaming account as part of their Membership benefits.

      Classes being recorded: All 5:45 pm Tribe 1 classes, Tribe 2 on Monday nights at 7:00 pm, and Rock Your Asana on Friday evenings at 5:45 pm.