Trapeze Yoga

Trapeze Yoga is a whole new experience to your yoga practice and takes using “props” to another level. The trapeze descends at adjustable levels and has two sets of handles to let you reach a unique stretch, recline, challenge your strength/balance, invert, and/or fully suspend off the ground. This style of yoga allows you to further explore and achieve areas of yoga that may not have been accessible before. The Trapeze can be used to heal physical ailments such as back and neck pain by supporting the body for a therapeutic approach.

The Classes We Offer (Trapeze Yoga, Restorative Trapeze Yoga)

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Who can practice Trapeze?

Our Trapeze classes are welcome to all beginners and advanced yogis. Anyone who is comfortable with taking any other group activity class is welcome to join our classes. See question 6 for reasons why someone should NOT take Trapeze classes.

Is there a weight limit?

The Trapeze in our studio are equipped to hold up to 700 lbs. Students should only take the regular Trapeze class if they know their body is comfortable with hanging upside down.

Do I need my yoga mat?

Yes. You will put your mat underneath the trapeze for the duration of the class.

Will I feel sick to my stomach? (How can I prevent that from happening or treat it?)

Some students may experience slight nausea if they are new to the class and prone to motion sickness. The best way to prevent this is to make sure you do not eat or consume large amounts of liquids for a couple of hours leading up to the class. Also be sure to listen very closely to the instructor’s cues such as coming back to the ground very slowly, letting your head be the last to rise,… If you feel that you are going to be sick to your stomach, it can be helpful to lightly sip water and consume ginger. We provide ginger chews in the class for anyone who needs them.


Will I feel sore?

It is not uncommon to feel sore after your first couple of classes. In these classes, we use the trapeze as a prop to assist in movements that we don’t typically do in other yoga classes such as more inverting, pulling body weight, etc. The Trapeze Restorative class is much less physically exerting than the regular Trapeze classes. Coming to class on a regular basis will help your body gain strength and become familiar with the movements.

Do I need to wear anything in particular?
  • Some students find it is more comfortable to wear sleeves as the trapeze can squeeze your skin tightly in some poses.
  •  It is recommended that you wear pants longer than the knees.
  • We ask that you please remove any bulky/valuable jewelry such as rings, necklaces, and earrings as they could snag the fabric of the trapeze. Please leave your jewelry at home or kept somewhere safe so it is not risked being left in the studio, rolled up into your mat, etc…
Who should not take Trapeze classes?
  • Students cannot participate without a doctor’s approval if they:
    • Recently had any surgery of any kind (back, knee, hip, dental, or vision)
    • Have serious scoliosis
    • Are in “trauma phase” (initial 72 hours) of any injury
  • Students may not participate at all if they have:
    • Cardiovascular disease
    • Uncontrolled high blood pressure/hypertension
    • Glaucoma
    • Are taking muscle relaxants (prescription)
    • Are pregnant

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