Studio Rules and Policies

Studio Policies

  • We do require a minimum of two students to hold class. This policy is in place for the safety of both our students and our staff. Unplanned private sessions could lead to people entering into situations that they are not comfortable with. The yoga world is full of so many wonderful kind-hearted people but the unfortunate truth is that not everyone is as kind and wonderful as we would like them to be. We do not want anyone to be in a situation that requires them to proclaim their discomfort with another person one on one so we do not allow unplanned private sessions to occur. We hope that you will appreciate our efforts to keep everyone safe.
  • Age Limits:
    • Students under the age of 18 must have a legal guardian sign the physical copy of our class participation waiver.
    • Anyone under the age of 12 is not permitted to participate in any class not specifically listed as children’s or family yoga. *Exceptions can be made for private sessions.
    • Students ages 12-15 require a legal guardian participating in the class with them. We do not allow anyone to observe our classes. Everyone in the room must participate.
    • Out of respect for our teachers and students, we discourage tardiness. Please arrive early and ready to practice on time.
      • When the receptionist is not at the front desk, there is a 3 minute grace period. After that time, the door will be locked, to ensure our students’ safety and allow the class to start as close to on time as possible.
      • When there is a receptionist on duty, there is a 7 minute grace period that will allow students to enter a class late if there is space available. Additionally, it is at the teacher’s discretion if they will allow anyone to enter late on a particular day. This is for the safety of the entering student who will not be properly warmed up to begin the practice late as well as the comfort of the students who are already in class practicing.
  • Classes, memberships, or workshops purchased cannot be returned or transferred between persons.
  • We only allow water, a towel, a yoga mat, and any props you need for practice back in the studio. We do not allow any shoes, phones, wallets, or any other personal belongings. You may leave all personal belongings in the cubbies provided in the lobby.
    • We do not offer any refunds. We will only credit the student’s account under necessary circumstances. The only exception to this policy is when we cancel a workshop or event due to attendance levels. Please see our website, staff, and your purchase receipt for our return policies.
    • Cancellation Policies

      Classes and Clinics:

      We kindly ask that you only pre-register for class if you know that you will attend and arrive on time. If for any reason you find that you cannot make it to class after you have signed up, you must call the studio, or remove yourself from the roster online. Failure to do so will forfeit your class credit.

      Students are considered a no-show if they:

      • Sign up for a class online and do not show up without contacting the studio or removing themselves from the roster online at least 1 hour* before class begins.

          *Our 6 a.m. class requires canceling prior to the close of registration, 8:30 p.m. the night before.

      • Arrive late, past the allotted tardy time.
        • When a receptionist is on duty, you may not attend the class if you arrive more than 7 minutes past the class start time.
        • When there is no receptionist on duty, you will not be able to enter the studio more than 3 minutes after the class start time.
      Workshops and Private Sessions:

      As you know, at Tribal Yoga, we offer private yoga sessions. During this time, our instructors are taking time aside specifically for you and your practice.  In order to honor this commitment of time to you, our cancellation policy is as follows. We understand that life can get busy and emergencies do come up. We will continue to take emergency situations into account.

      Private Sessions:
      All private yoga sessions will require prepayment and cancelations will be credited back to the student’s account with a fee removed at the following rates.

      • More than 24 hours in advance will be free of charge
      • 24-12 hours before the scheduled time will be charged at 50% of the session fee
      • less than 12 hours before scheduled time will be charged at a full session fee

      If you need to cancel a private session, please call the studio at (757)915-6246 and leave a message or contact your instructor directly.

      All workshops must be paid at the time of booking and cancellations will be credited back to the student’s account with a fee removed at the following rates.

      • More than 24 hours in advance will be free of charge
      • 24-12 hours before the scheduled time will be charged at 25% of the session fee
      • 12 -3 hours before the scheduled time will be charged at 50% of the session fee
      • 3 hours or less before the scheduled time will be charged the full session fee

        Thank you so much for respecting our time, your practice and our community!

        We look forward to seeing you on your mat!

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