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      Hey, Gang!
      Tribal Yoga is hopping right into Spring! We’re ready for fluffy green grass, the smell of fresh blooms, and our exciting event schedule! We hope you will join us. 
      We would like to quickly inform you of a new studio policy regarding class pre-registration and student “no-shows”. We kindly ask that you only pre-register for class if you know that you will attend and arrive on time. If for any reason you find that you cannot make it to class after you have signed up, you must call the studio, or remove yourself from the roster online. Anyone who signs themselves up online using the app may remove their name from the roster up to one hour before the class start time.
      We want you to understand the policy is being implemented as a necessary courtesy to our staff, instructors, and your fellow classmates. When students sign up to come to class, we look for them to show up and the instructors will often wait a certain amount of time to start class expecting the student to arrive. Additionally, if a student signs up for class and does not show up, they have reserved a spot that someone else could have used. For these reasons, we have decided to charge students for no-showing class. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.
      As a Reminder

      All of our Monthly Members get the benefit of our Tribal Yoga at Home feature of streamed online classes. No worries if you’re traveling or can’t make it to the studio. Your online profile allows you to watch our classes in your own space and time. To read more or log in to your profile, click the button below. If you have questions about your account or are interested in becoming a Member, please talk to us at the front desk!

      Intention of the Month:

      Flowers Grow from the Showers

      Where there are hard times, there are better times to come! We learn and grow from rough patches and it is important to remember that we can always come out of a hardship in a better state than where we were before.

      “Without the rain, flowers don’t grow. Without challenges, neither do you.”

      – John Di

      “A single gentle rain makes the grass many shades greener. So our prospects brighten on the influx of better thoughts. We should be blessed if we live in the present always, and took advantage of every accident that befell us.”

      – Henry David Thoreau

      Pose of the Month:

      Rabbit Pose



       Demonstrated by: Noah Favaregh

      Start in a seated position with your hips as close to the heels as possible. If the hips do not reach the heels, bring the hands next to your knees and put weight in your hands. Inhale to a long spine and as you exhale, tuck your chin to your chest and round your forehead down toward your knees, aiming to touch your forehead on the knees. Squeeze your belly in tight and round the spine as much as possible and if the forehead touches the knees, you can aim to reach the head onto your thighs. From there, you can reach your hands back to grip your heels using strength of your core, and begin to lift your hips up into a full Rabbit Pose with no weight bearing on the head. On an exhale, slowly lower your hips back down and inhale to roll back up to seated one vertebre at a time.

      Member of the Month:

      Adriane Lott

      I am a single mother of two (college grad student and 6th grader) who just loves to live life, travel, plan events and dance with friends. I am a Financial Budget Manager at ODU and I love a great happy hour. I started yoga really as a way to gain flexibility because I was super stiff from some surgeries. I ended up really enjoying yoga and got my friends to join in. I then started reading articles, blogs and books about the different styles and benefits which had me even more intrigued. Yoga has really helped me in my life by creating an inner calm that had been evading me for some time. I was always on the go and never stopped moving which affected my weight, mood and my overall health.Yoga taught me to slow down, focus on my breathing and to appreciate the moment. I know it sounds so cliche but its true. Yoga came at a time when I was losing weight and feeling great but still missing something.  It just so happens that I ended up having a major foot surgery about a year into my yoga dabble. The little bit that I had learned got me through a very trying time in my life and helped me physically with balance as my gait was shifted from being sedentary for 5 months. The ability to stretch without standing and little twists helped to keep me somewhat fluid.  I came to a free class that Stephen taught when he was finishing his training. I love the atmosphere and the cleanliness of the studio.

      I chose Tribal because I wanted to deepen my practice and be around others who had the same passion for yoga that I experienced. I am not good at any poses, breathing or inversions 🙂 (Amanda) but I ALWAYS feel like I get something from my classes. Everyone is so helpful and inclusive and that means the world. I don’t fit the normal aesthetic of a “yogi” but I consider myself one because I have learned that yoga is not in the moves but in the heart. Namaste.

      Tribal Team

      Question of the Month!

      What is your favorite snack before class?

      – Animal Crackers! – Liz Young




      – I like to have a clementine, a banana, or grapes. They give me a little energy without giving me that full feeling while I practice. – Jillian Simms



      – Go Macro Bar. – Amber Favaregh