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      Hey, Gang!
      Tribal Yoga is hopping right into Spring! We’re ready for fluffy green grass, the smell of fresh blooms, and our exciting event schedule! We hope you will join us. 
      We kindly ask that you only pre-register for class if you know that you will attend and arrive on time. If for any reason you find that you cannot make it to class after you have signed up, you must call the studio, or remove yourself from the roster online. Anyone who signs themselves up online using the app may remove their name from the roster up to one hour before the class start time.
      As a Reminder

      All of our Monthly Members get the benefit of our Tribal Yoga at Home feature of streamed online classes. No worries if you’re traveling or can’t make it to the studio. Your online profile allows you to watch our classes in your own space and time. To read more or log in to your profile, click the button below. If you have questions about your account or are interested in becoming a Member, please talk to us at the front desk!

      Intention of the Month:

      Frolic and Play!

      Get out and play! Breath the new fresh air of the season and embrace the opportunity to channel your inner child. Loosen up for a bit and remember how it feels to run blissful and free. It’s important that we balance the weight of responsibility and make time for play.

      “Play keeps us vital and alive. It gives us an enthusiasm for life that is irreplaceable. Without it, life just doesn’t taste good”

      – Lucia Capocchione

      Pose of the Month:

      Plank Pose



       Demonstrated by: Kalie Smith, Liz Young, and Amanda Chou

       Start on the floor on all fours in your tabletop position. Ensure that your shoulders are in line with your wrists and your hips directly over your ankles. Tuck your toes and begin to straighten your legs, grounding down through your feet and hands. Use your core to support your body as you make a straight line from your heels to your head, not letting your hips sag or stick up. Really push the floor away from you with your hands and feel your shoulders push away from your ears as you think about doming the space between your shoulder blades toward the sky. Option to grab your friends and stack!

      Member of the Month:

      Robert Frenzel

      Hello, I’m Robert Frenzel.  I am originally from New Jersey and grew up across from Manhattan along the Hudson River.  I moved to Virginia in the late eighties.  I (finally) received a Master’s degree in the Humanities with a concentration in Peace Studies/Contentious Politics (protest) from Old Dominion University in December of 2016.  I enjoy reading about and researching into the interaction between the media, police, and protesters, as well as the history of the fifties and sixties (beatniks, hippies, activists, and especially the underground press). I also investigate the origins of war, the rise of totalitarianism, and the fall of democratic states.  I enjoy playing the guitar (regular and bass) and the sitar. I work for an electrical contractor in Hampton and, after years out in the field running jobs, they recently moved me into the office where I am in charge of job safety, fleet and equipment management, and various other demands. I started yoga training in December of 2017 at Tribal Yoga.  It was my first real exposure to the practice (not counting my earlier attempts at self-instruction).  I entered into the experience from a completely physical point of view (merely a form of exercise). I didn’t give much credence to the spiritual side of the tradition since I view myself as just a watery, carbon stick with a spark.  The teachers at Tribal Yoga not only helped me to move into the physical side of the practice but also showed me that there may be more to that spark than I first imagined.

      I knew that I needed to be more active, yet I didn’t want to get involved in weight training or aerobics because I thought that a high impact form of exercise would be too much for my old bones.  The teachers at Tribal Yoga helped me to gracefully move into the practice in such a way that I felt refreshed rather than exhausted after a class.  Also, because my academic studies can be somewhat unsettling, I have found that the spiritual side of yoga helps me to find peace.

      I have been focusing on just a couple of classes, but I’m now moving into some of the other types of instruction that Tribal Yoga offers – like trapeze yoga.  Everyone is very friendly, both the teachers and the students, at Tribal Yoga and I would highly recommend the school to anyone interested in moving into a new dimension of experience.

      Tribal Team

      Question of the Month!

      What is your favorite and least favorite pose?

      Fav-Warrior2; least-Lotus (cuz I can’t do it!)

      • Joe Charsagua


      Favorite is forward fold, least favorite is chair.

      • Khalilah Davis

      Favorite – Supported Bridge
      Least favorite – Plow

      • Kalie Smith