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      Hey, Gang!
      Summertime is rolling in QUICK and we have all the fun planned out for you. This month is packed with workshops and events for everyone, new deals, and a fun game to keep you on top of your yoga practice through the Summer! It’s time to kick back, let yourself relax, and have some good fun.  
      We kindly ask that you only pre-register for class if you know that you will attend and arrive on time. If for any reason you find that you cannot make it to class after you have signed up, you must call the studio, or remove yourself from the roster online. Anyone who signs themselves up online using the app may remove their name from the roster up to one hour before the class start time.
      As a Reminder

      All of our Monthly Members get the benefit of our Tribal Yoga at Home feature of streamed online classes. No worries if you’re traveling or can’t make it to the studio. Your online profile allows you to watch our classes in your own space and time. To read more or log in to your profile, click the button below. If you have questions about your account or are interested in becoming a Member, please talk to us at the front desk!

      Intention of the Month:

      Find Ease and Peace

      Society encourages us to “do more”, “work harder”, and to achieve beyond what we already have. We can easily become less productive though when we try to focus on too many things at one time. Staying busy and pushing harder may seem like the right thing to do, but we fall further off path when we don’t give our minds time and space to breathe. Feel peace within your mind and body as you allow yourself to go easy. Watch how having more ease and peace in your life will, in fact, create MORE productivity. Often, less is more and simplicity is best.

      “Improved productivity means less human sweat, not more.”

      – Henry Ford

      Pose of the Month:

      Bound Angle


      Baddha Konasana

       Start on the floor on all fours in your tabletop position. Ensure that your shoulders are in line with your wrists and your hips directly over your ankles. Tuck your toes and begin to straighten your legs, grounding down through your feet and hands. Use your core to support your body as you make a straight line from your heels to your head, not letting your hips sag or stick up. Really push the floor away from you with your hands and feel your shoulders push away from your ears as you think about doming the space between your shoulder blades toward the sky. Option to grab your friends and stack!

      Member of the Month:

      Emerald Ralston

      Hello! I’m Emerald and yoga changed my life. I’m from Iowa, I was in the Air Force for five years, then I used my GI Bill to get my bachelor’s in psychology at Harvard. I moved down to Virginia for work in 2016 and kind of felt like I was just flailing around making my way through life on everyone else’s terms in regards to my career, my location, and life in general. I was in a dark place last fall and I decided that something needed to change drastically or the darkness was going to persist, or get worse. I had been thinking about getting back into yoga and I found Tribal. I started going a few times a week, then every day, then a couple of times a day for a while. I fell in love with yoga, and the person yoga was helping me become. I studied a lot of psychology, mindfulness, philosophy and resilience when I was in college, but it was always in theory, never applied. Yoga has helped me apply these things to my life and the community at Tribal has helped reinforce them.

      I started the 200-hour yoga teacher training here in February and my life has continued to change as a result of that as well. The physical aspects of yoga are wonderful, but I never imagined how amazing the emotional and spiritual aspects could be.

      Tribal Team

      Question of the Month!

      How do you fit in your regular practice?

      I set specific times to practice at least three days a week. With a time slot set in my schedule, it becomes a priority to me and not just something I’ll do if I have time.

      • Stephen Harrah

      I make it a non-negotiable. I usually begin and end my day with 5-15 minutes on my mat. When I can make it to class because I love being guided by another teacher and being in a space with other yogis. I also like to practice with some of my favorite teachers online.

      • Kiley Schottenfeld

      Every morning before Marshall wakes up, but I try to go to at least one or two real classes per week. I do a home practice that I make up on my own and also do yogaglo classes.

      • Liz Young