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       It’s February ALREADY, and we’re not wasting a minute of it! Check out what we have in store to make the most of your February 2018.

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      Intention of the Month:

      Allow for Love

      It is in our human nature to resist love as a way to protect ourselves. It is scary to think we may lose the people or things we love, so sometimes it feels safer to avoid the investment. But fear holds us back from opportunities and the chance to grow through new experiences. Keep this in mind throughout the month and let yourself be available for whatever is calling for your extra attention. Let your guard down and allow yourself to love, but also allow yourself to BE loved- loved by yourself as well as others around you. You deserve your own love just as much as anyone else.

      “Let yourself be silently drawn by the stronger pull of what you really love. It will not lead you astray.”


       “Practice love until you remember that you are love.”

      ~ Swami Sai Premananda

      Pose of the Month:

      Crescent Moon Lunge



       Demonstrated by: Amber Favaregh

      Starting in your Mountain Pose at the top of your mat, inhale your arms high and exhale to forward fold. Inhale to lift the heart halfway and exhale stepping back with your right foot to lunge, keeping your hands grounded on either side of your left foot. Inhale to sweep both arms high as you lift your torso straight up, lining your shoulders over hips, belly button pulls in toward the spine to integrate the core. If there is discomfort in the low back allow the back knee to bend. From a strong integrated core, reach up through the sides of the torso bring the biceps strong near the ears with the shoulders down away from the ears and back heel pressing toward the wall behind you. Option to hold the pose with your gaze straight ahead or up towards the ceiling without collapsing the neck.

      Member of the Month:

      Dan Detmer

      Hi, I’m Dan. I am a proud father of a wonderful sweet boy and a fury not so good, but very sweet, little girl (the dog). My son regales me daily with tales of his virtual triumphs. For work, I am a Transportation Engineer for the City of Newport News. I love my job and the people I work with. I would write more about it but you would probably fall asleep… I grew up in the Tidewater area, moved to northern Virginia for a little while, and the first chance I got moved back to Tidewater. I have been in the area pretty much ever since. I studied at ODU, and love to go back for football games. When I have free time I like to be outdoors. In the warm months, I like to scuba, kayak, paddle board, boat, fish, go to the outer banks, play volleyball, well pretty much anything outside. In the winter I like to snowboard every chance I get. My son has picked up skiing pretty well and we love to go down the mountain together.
      I am relatively new to yoga, I have been practicing for about a year and a half +/-. I discovered yoga at a particularly stressful time in my life. I had heard about tai chi and yoga and the many benefits they could bring someone. At the time, yoga fit my schedule. I attended classes at my local Y from a wonderful instructor who taught me the basics. It was great, but I did not realize (based upon my experience in her class) that you could actually sweat doing yoga. I accidentally attended a power class with another wonderful instructor and really liked it. I was sore all over for 3 or 4 days and I loved it, for all the years I had been an athlete I don’t think I had ever had a such a full body workout. I was hooked. I noticed over time, that practicing helped some of the injuries I have from various sports (and/or just dumb things I have done) feel a little better. Mentally, practicing has helped me be in the moment and shut my brain off, at least for a little while.
      Tribal yoga is great. I love the community atmosphere and everyone I have come in contact with. Everyone is real and genuine, and that makes it very inviting and easy to get up and go practice, even when that glass of wine and the couch is the more appealing choice.