300 Hour Teacher Training

We have an entirely new program rolling out soon!

Check back soon for a whole new program layout and new faculty with dates starting in May 2020.

What you’ll learn

This Advanced Level Teacher Training provides a 12 month in-depth training in the Art of Teaching and the study of Yoga as a vehicle for transformation. It also offers an experiential training in the leading of intensives and workshops preparing participants for their own next level of offerings to students.

Program Description: VISION + COMMITMENT

The aim of this training is to aid in the development of truly impactful Yoga Teachers: Teachers who are leaders. In order to accomplish this aim, we will study in depth the space within which the teacher learns, grows, teaches and leads: The mirror of everyday life. We will refine our vision and commitment to our role in the classroom to achieve a level of mastery as a teacher and leader in our community. We will explore the dynamics of karma, principle, awareness, freedom, and choice. We will come to a holistic understanding of the human experience we share, the purpose of spiritual practice and the role of the teacher. To that end, teachers engaged in the Advanced Vinyasa Teacher Training will study and be able to teach classes and workshops that address:
  • The Yoga Sutras as a context for understanding and transformation
  • The Mechanics of Karma as the foundation of spiritual growth
  • The Three Aspects of Practice: Sila, Samahdi and Wisdom
  • The Powerful Intersection of Western Science and Yoga
  • Non-violence in action
  • The Art of Sadhana: The Development and Refinement of a Home Practice
  • A Refined Vision of the Yoga Teacher’s Tools: Asana, Pranyama and Meditation
  • A Refined Vision of the yoga teacher: The use of Self in a transformational environment.

The Experiential Workshop/Retreat Development

The experiential workshop/retreat component of this training offers an exceptional opportunity. This module will prepare the teacher to conduct workshops and retreats at the 1-7 day levels. There will be an emphasis on the design and leading of these types of offerings for students.  

Required Reading List:


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