300 Hour Teacher Training

We continue to offer our training modules virtually with some opportunities for hybrid in-person learning as well.

You can learn from home and get credit toward our 300-hour training or earn CEUs for Yoga Alliance for any of our modules. Check out all the details below!


We are so excited to share this unique opportunity with you. Tribal Yoga’s 300-hour yoga teacher training is set up in a modular format. This format allows students to enroll in our program at any point that you feel comfortable. While you’re welcome to join us for some or all of our modules without being an enrolled student, we do require that you have completed an initial 200-hour yoga teacher training. Each of our modules stands on their own and they work together to create a complete and well-rounded training experience to advance your teaching. Many of the modules are only one weekend-long while some others are as long as four weekends. The weekends are evenly spread throughout the course of 18 months and as soon as you enroll you’ll need to complete all modules that will apply toward your graduation within a three-year period. We have set up this program to cycle through two full rounds of training within a three-year period. This means if you can’t catch a module the first time around, you’ll have time to complete it the following cycle and still finish within the three year time cap. In order to graduate, you’ll be required to take the 7 core modules (listed here as “required”) that total 240 hours. Additionally, you’ll be able to choose 60 hours of elective modules (listed here as “elective”) that allow you to customize your training experience to match your goals as a yoga teacher. Take a look below to see which modules strike interest for you. We have some of the best instructors and we’re so looking forward to guiding you on this journey and advancing your teaching. We look forward to seeing you in our next module. 

Upcoming Module Schedule

For module descriptions and details please see the Required and Elective Module sections below.

New Dates Coming Soon:The Chakras: A Basic System of Life and Yoga Teaching with Amber Favaregh (Required) Sign Up Today!

2022 Dates Coming Soon: Science of Happiness on the mat: Yoga Teacher Self-Care with Amber Favaregh (Elective) Sign Up Today!

2022 Dates Coming Soon:Teaching Restorative Yoga: Featuring the Trapeze with Kiley Schottenfeld (Elective*) Sign Up Today!

2022 Dates Coming Soon: Yoga Philosophy and Inquiry with Kiley Schottenfeld (Required) Sign up Today!

2022 Dates Coming Soon:The Roots of Yoga with Jillian Simms (Required) Sign Up Today!

New Dates Coming Soon: Yoga Ethics and Lifestyle with Kiley Schottenfeld (Required) Sign Up Today!

New Dates Coming Soon: Designing Impactful Workshops and Intensives with Amber Favaregh (Required) Sign Up Today!

New Dates Coming Soon: Tribal Trapeze: Teaching Trapeze Yoga with Amber Favaregh & Kiley Schottenfeld (Elective) Sign Up Today!

2022 Date Coming Soon: Science of Yoga: Anatomy for Teachers with Ann Swanson (Required) Sign Up Today!

2022 Date Coming Soon: Find Your Voice as a Teacher: Fine-Tune Your Teaching Skills with Kiley Schottenfeld (Elective) Sign Up Today!

New Date Coming Soon: Accessible Yoga: Adapting Asana with Ann Swanson (Elective) Sign Up Today!

* This required and elective course may be swapped out for students who graduated from Tribal Yoga’s 200 Hour Teacher Training. 

Meet Our Faculty

Amber Favaregh

Amber Favaregh

Lead Trainer

I’m the owner of Tribal Yoga and I’ve been training yoga teachers since 2013. In addition to being a studio owner and yoga teacher, I’m also a full-time aerospace engineer at NASA. I love to look at things through the lens of science and reason but yoga has brought me a balance between reason and spirit.

I’m so honored to offer this powerful learning opportunity for yoga teachers to take their teaching to the next level. As teachers, we are leaders in our community and our impact can be felt far and wide through the ripples of impact we impart on our students in our classes and specialized offerings. It is my intention that through this training yoga teachers will deepen their connection with the foundations of yoga. I believe that with a solid foundation of yoga philosophy, teachers can impart the heart of yoga in the casual asana class experience and deepen their impact. This training encompasses my experience training yoga teachers, working with Rolf Gates to develop and fine-tune his affiliate yoga teacher training curriculum, and studying positive psychology. There will be a nice balance of metaphysical and scientific teaching to help teachers fully understand and integrate the core of yoga.  I feel confident that what we offer will be of the utmost quality and impact for anyone willing to walk this journey with us.  If you have any questions please feel free to reach out by email. You can schedule a one-on-one phone session with me or join us for one of the upcoming information sessions. I’m happy to answer all your questions.

Kiley Schottenfeld

Kiley Schottenfeld

Hosting Senior Trainer

I am a passionate yoga teacher from the central coast of California. After graduating from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo with a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Animal Science, a pre-veterinary concentration, and an equine science minor, I founded my wellness platform, Kekoa Yoga. A few fun facts: I am a writer, I have been a preschool teacher, I love raising and sales prepping Thoroughbred racehorses, and I am currently pursuing my Master’s Degree in HR.
My passion for practicing and teaching yoga was created from a desire to help myself and to help others find freedom in their pain. My saying goes, “It’s not about living a pain-free life, it’s about living in freedom with your pain.” My goal as a yoga teacher and teacher trainer is to create a space for the body, mind, heart, and soul to listen and grow. I believe that yoga is practiced on the mat with the intention to be embodied in life. I truly believe that yoga nourishes a special kind of strength within our souls; a strength that gives us the energy to live in the now, learn from the past, and have faith in the future. Yoga is the gift that keeps on giving and it is a gift that I want to share with many for years to come.

Ann Swanson

Ann Swanson

Senior Trainer

Ann is a certified yoga therapist, speaker, and author of Science of Yoga which is being translated to over 10 languages. She is part heart-based healer and part science nerd. Ann supports people in being healthier and more joyful. She does this by making yoga and wellness non-intimidating and accessible, especially those who feel like they can’t do yoga. With a Master of Science in yoga therapy and roots studying yoga in India and qi gong in China, Ann uniquely applies cutting-edge research to mind-body practices while maintaining the heart of the traditions. She internationally speaks and teaches on the science supporting yoga’s benefits to both the public and in yoga teacher training programs. In her private practice, Ann specializes in helping busy people worldwide relieve pain (like from back pain or arthritis), manage stress, and find ease through one-on-one telehealth yoga therapy.

Get a free deep relaxation practice to relieve pain and chair yoga videos you can do at your desk at www.AnnSwansonWellness.com For more on her book, head to www.scienceof.yoga

Jillian Simms

Jillian Simms


You can do anything for 10 seconds!”

I remember holding a posture for what seemed to be forever when my instructor said these words in 2009. Those simple words packed so much power.  It made me feel strong, reminded me to believe in myself and be present because time really does go by so fast.  It helped me to use my mind and my body together – using my body to coach my mind and my mind to coach my body.  With my instructor’s encouragement, I knew that I could only progress if I believed I would and that belief kept my mind and my heart open for progress, change, and possibility.

When I decided to train to become a yoga instructor I knew I wanted my students to feel that same empowerment and faith within themselves, both on and off the mat.  Now as a teacher of teachers, I aspire to new teachers toward a deeper understanding of yoga in order to deepen their impact on the students in their classes. 

Call 1(800) 342 9647 to check your eligibility and apply for funding with MYCAA for our RYT certification program. If you are eligible let us know and we will be happy to get your plan set in place.

We are proud to partner with Yoga Alliance to ensure our training is of the highest quality. We are committed to staying up to date with any changes that Yoga Alliance makes to their 300 Hour Registration process for schools. Rest assured we will make sure you qualify for registration by completing our program. Our graduates will be able to teach anywhere in the United States with recognition as registered yoga teachers.

Read what our previous graduates have to say.

The course challenges you to improve and refine your planning and teaching skills to become a better yoga teacher. Almost every meeting requires both practicing and teaching yoga classes, either individually or with others. The course provided a multitude of opportunities for both reflection and deep discussion with both the course trainer and peers over the many issues, challenges and opportunities that yoga teachers experience.

Joe Charsagua

Graduated 2018

Tribal Yoga is a wonderful place to practice and learn. After graduating from the 200 hr training in 2017 I immediately wanted to dive deeper into the philosophy of Yoga. I enrolled in the 300 hr teacher training. This year-long training was beyond expectations. The training took my teaching skills to the next level. After every training weekend, I was able to implement aspects of the training into the classes I taught. I appreciated all feedback I got from the lead-trainer Amber and my fellow teacher trainees and I am grateful I was part of that very special group of amazing people.

Anja Austregesilo

Graduated 2018

Required Modules

All students are required to take the following 7 modules totaling 240 hours over 12 weekends. Additionally, there is a requirement for an additional 60 hours of elective modules. 

The Chakras, A Basic System Of Life and Yoga Teaching, with Amber Favaregh (4 weekends, 80 hours)

As a teacher, growth in your teaching is growth in making your teaching useful for dealing with the chronic pain of being human. This module will study the Chakras as the energy centers of the human body and also as a basic system of the development of human life. We all have our own journey and we are all experts in the suffering caused by the human condition. Let’s do the work together to heal ourselves so we can guide others through their journey. With a clear understanding of what our students go through in life, we can become better, more skillful guides. Our deep dive into each of the chakras will leave you with a clear understanding of each as well as skills to apply in your life and your teaching. With space between our four weekends, you’ll be able to integrate what you learn and lock in the learning on a deep level.  Sign Up Here!

Yoga Philosophy and Inquiry with Kiley Schottenfeld (3 weekends, 60 hours)

What do we do with these valuable ancient yoga philosophies living in a modern world? We study, we inquire, and we put the teachings that resonate with us into action. We practice them on the mat and embody them off the mat. This yoga philosophy and inquiry module is different than any other you’ve experienced before. Over the course of these three weekends, you will learn a unique approach, study, and application of yoga philosophy. This will be a learning experience, practice, and application that resonates with you, your practice, and your teaching. We believe in making these valuable philosophies applicable to your own unique human experience, your class themes, and your intentions both on and off your yoga mat. This deep dive into yoga philosophy will take you on a personal and powerful exploration of the 4 layers of inquiry: The Mind, The Heart, The Body, and The Soul. 

Vinyasa Immersion: Foundational Sequencing, with Kiley Schottenfeld (1 weekend, 20 hrs)

This 20 hour, sequencing module is a great opportunity for teachers who didn’t take our 200-hour teacher training or who need a sequencing tune-up. In this module, you will learn the sequencing theories and foundations we use at Tribal Yoga.  While we are not requiring everyone to follow our approach, it will help students be successful in this training. It’s also a generalized method of sequencing that encompasses all other sequencing methods. While the idea of following a set format for your vinyasa classes might feel limiting, it is important to think of this tool as a step to stand on and not a box to live in. Knowing the how and why of what makes some classes feel better in the bodies of students will allow you to become a more effective yoga teacher. 


You will also learn multiple tried and true sequencing backbones that can be used, adapted, and aligned to fit many teaching styles including the ones you’ve learned in previous teacher trainings. In this module, you will unleash your power to curate and deliver strong, functional, anatomically safe and creative vinyasa yoga classes. Let’s explore the beauty of structure and create a sequencing foundation that you can apply to any style of yoga you teach or hope to teach.


Please note that enrolled students who graduated from Tribal Yoga’s 200-Hour Teacher Training may swap this required module for the elective module, “Finding Your Voice: Fine-Tuning Your Teaching Skills.” 

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Designing Impactful Workshops and Intensives, with Amber Favaregh (1 weekend, 20 hours)

Uplevel your specialty offerings by designing them with a solid foundation that is based on educational theories that will support your existing yoga knowledge. We will work to create a synergy of skills that will include clear tangible tips and recommendations for top quality workshops and intensives. Students will also have an opportunity to create their own offering using their new skills and submit the results for feedback.

SCIENCE OF YOGA: Anatomy for Teachers Virtual Training, with Ann Swanson (1 weekend, 20 hours)

Join Ann virtually to demystify the most vital and cutting-edge research supporting yoga with Ann Swanson, the author of SCIENCE OF YOGA. Understand the bottom line of how yoga affects all the systems of the body, including busting some common myths! Ann will focus on the key anatomy you actually need to know for safe and effective teaching in a super engaging format. This weekend will include opportunities for teachers to deep dive into the science of yoga through experiential learning and that includes practice, lecture, and interactive workshopping of poses and movement.

This will be an online training you can attend from the comfort of your home with 5 hrs of pre-recorded videos and 15 hrs of live training.

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Yoga Ethics and Lifestyle, with Kiley Schottenfeld (1 weekend, 20 hours)

How do we define the difference between right and wrong in the yoga community? What is our scope and responsibility as yoga teachers? What do clear boundaries look like in a yoga classroom and in our lives as yoga teachers? How do we carry ourselves in front of students and colleagues when they’re watching, and more importantly when they’re not watching? These are just a few of the facilitated discussions and lessons we will offer in this yoga ethics and lifestyle module. This module is not to tell you what is right and what is wrong; it’s to give you the tools to explore your own moral compass and strengthen your intuition as a space holder in the yoga industry. It’s to hold space for productive discussions on various topics with compassion, grace, and strength. This module will help you explore your valuable role as a yoga teacher in the community. You will leave this module with a deep sense of integrity, responsibility, and dignity for yourself, your students, and your colleagues on and off the yoga mat. 

The Roots of Yoga, with Jillian Simms (1 weekend, 20 hours)

In this module, we’ll explore and discuss the origins and traditions of yoga, some of its spiritual texts, and the movement through lineages to our modern yoga landscape.  You gain a deeper understanding of Yoga’s origins, giving you the tools to apply historical context to the modern practice and teaching of Yoga.

Elective Modules

Students must select a minimum of 60 hours or three one-weekend modules of the available elective modules.

Find Your Voice as a Teacher: Fine-Tune Your Teaching Skills with Kiley Schottenfeld (1 weekend, 20 hours)

This 20-hour module has been curated to take your asana classes to the next level. When you first start teaching, you’re mostly focused on getting your sequence right. Beyond the sequence is a whole world of creativity and uniqueness. One of the many creative features of teaching vinyasa yoga is the art of sequencing beyond the poses. It’s the path to finding your voice as a yoga teacher. Through inquiry on and off the yoga mat, you will further explore and discover your unique teaching voice and teaching style. As yoga teachers, we are faced with the beautiful challenge of orchestrating an experience not only through our sequences, but also our teaching environment, our themes, our use of adjustments, and mostly our voice.

This weekend module will help you expand your knowledge in creating and teaching themes, meditations, mindfulness practices, as well as guiding pranayama. We will spend time learning the benefits and precautions of adjustments. You will leave this module feeling well versed in the above topics. You will have a new sense of confidence in your teaching and clarity around your voice and style as a vinyasa yoga teacher.


Please note that enrolled students who graduated from Tribal Yoga’s 200-Hour Teacher Training may swap this required module for the elective module, “Finding Your Voice: Fine-Tuning Your Teaching Skills.”

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Accessible Yoga: Adapting Asana with Ann Swanson (1 weekend, 20 hrs)

As yoga teachers, we want to offer yoga to as many people as possible. Ann makes yoga safe, simple, and practical for everybody. She explains clearly how to safely adapt and modify yoga practices with props, chairs, compassion, and creativity! As an Accessible Yoga Ambassador, Ann believes that if you can breathe, you can do yoga. This model will add accessible yoga to your teaching skills and expand your audience and your ability to provide what is needed for each student no matter where they are on their yoga journey.

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Teaching Restorative Yoga: Featuring the Trapeze with Kiley Schottenfeld (1 weekend, 20 hours)

What’s all the buzz about restorative yoga? We’re here to share our one of a kind experience and methodology with you. This 20-hour Restorative Yoga module, with a special feature on the yoga trapeze is a one of a kind offering. Kiley has spent hundreds of hours training in and teaching restorative yoga. At Tribal Yoga Kiley developed a unique, restorative trapeze yoga class. This module takes a deep dive into teaching methodology, sequencing, and cueing behind teaching both restorative yoga and restorative trapeze yoga. You will learn the benefits, alignment, sequencing, and modifications behind restorative yoga, specifically on the mat and in the trapeze. In restorative trapeze yoga, the hammock is hung just a few inches above the yoga mat. In addition to traditional yoga props, the trapeze hammock is used as a supportive prop throughout class. In this module, Kiley will teach you how to curate a supportive, restful, rejuvenating chakra based restorative yoga class, with the unique benefit of the trapeze as an additional prop. Whether or not you have access to yoga trapeze hammocks outside of this training, you will leave this module with the knowledge and tools to sequence and teach supportive and nurturing restorative yoga classes.

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Science of Happiness on the Mat: Yoga Teacher Self-Care with Amber Favaregh (1weekend, 20hrs)

We’re all looking for happiness. Positive psychology is the science of happiness and this module goes through some of the best positive psychology research and exercises that will provide some serious self-care for teachers. Your experience working through this material will create a springboard for you to show up in the best possible way for all of your students and to implement the ideas and concepts into your offerings. More than that it will bring lasting happiness into your life. Add some happiness tools to your teaching tool belt! 

Tribal Trapeze: Teaching Trapeze Yoga with Amber Favaregh & Kiley Schottenfeld (1 weekend, 20 hours)

At Tribal Yoga, our trapeze classes are a unique experience that incorporate strength, flexibility, balance, functional movement, and inversions. Trapeze yoga has many mind and body benefits. In this module, we will teach and train you in our unique method and style of trapeze yoga. There is no prior trapeze training experience required and you do not have to own a trapeze to join us for this module. The yoga trapeze is a prop used to enhance your yoga practice. We strongly believe that the yoga trapeze is a tool to help you experience poses from a new lens; allowing you to return to your yoga mat with a powerful appreciation for strength, balance, and flexibility. 


Each module is priced individually and can be purchased as such. Enrolled students receive a discounted tuition rate of $360 per 20-hour weekend. There is an enrollment fee of $200. Additionally, there are discounts for prepaying 20-hour weekends. Keep in mind that some modules are longer than one weekend and will require payment equal to the price per weekend times the number of weekends in that module. In order to graduate you will need to attend 15 weekends. 

Enrollment Fee: $200

$460/weekend for Non-enrolled students

$360/weekend for Enrolled Students 

$320/weekend when prepaying 5 weekends ($1600)

$315/weekend when prepaying 10 weekends ($3150)

$310/weekend when prepaying 15 weekends ($4650)


Please fill out our online application. You will need to provide proof that you have completed an initial 200-hour teacher training. It’s fine if it’s not Yoga Alliance certified but if it was not, we cannot certify you as a 300 hour graduate with Yoga Alliance. If you’re registered with Yoga Alliance this will be as simple as providing us with your registration details. Not registered? We will simply ask for a copy of your graduation certificate. 

Upon review of your application, we will reach out to you to schedule a time to meet with you either in person or over the phone.

Applications for Tribal Yoga’s 300 Hour Teacher Training are open on a rolling basis. You can apply to enroll at any point, even after taking module(s). Once you have applied and been approved to enroll you will receive a discount on tuition.

Start your application today!