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      Hey, Gang!
       Fall is finally here, and we’ve got some great things scheduled for you in the upcoming chilly days!

      Intention of the Month:

      November is all about gratitude so we encourage you to use this as your intention for the month. Dedicate your practice to all that you’re grateful for in life and also be sure to send that energy out to those who are less fortunate. Remember, you never know what someone else is going through.

      “Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it.”
      – William Arthur Ward

      Pose of the Month: Reverse Prayer

      Sanskrit: Pashchima Namaskarasana

      Demonstrated by: Amber Favaregh

      Start in a seated or standing position of your choice. Exhale to bring your hands behind your back and place your palms together, fingers pointing towards the ground. Inhale as you internally rotate your arms so your fingers point to your back and then up towards the ceiling. It is fine if your palms come apart during the transition.

      Member of the Month:

      Lee Craig

      I am originally from upstate New York, and went to Rochester Institute of Technology for college. I moved to Newport News about 5 years ago, leaving my family and hometown to make my own path. Work as a Software Consultant brought me to the area and keeps me busy. I have been playing soccer since I was about 6 years old. At the beginning of the year I started focusing less on work, and more on what I wanted. I have a passion for skiing, both water and snow skiing. I didn’t feel like I was improving in either soccer or skiing, so I started to set some goals. I wanted to run longer and lift heavier to be able to ski harder and faster. With those goals, I started running in January and doing gym workouts. This lead to some new challenges like the need to focus on recovery and staying flexible. My trainer suggested I try yoga. I tried a Glow N Flow class and was hooked.

      I have been coming to yoga to keep myself flexible. Also, I found myself enjoying the relaxation and the time to focus on my own clarity of mind. With yoga, my work stress is down after a long day. Tribal Yoga offers many different classes and teaching styles. This leads to a unique class every time. The other benefit of this lets me choose the class that will help me with recovery or flexibility. Tribal Yoga is a perfect complement to any strength and sport training.